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Idea Distillery

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At Idea Distillery we aim to cultivate innovation, inspiration, and education among our members. We’re an organization that creates a nurturing environment for CEOs, Idea Distillery is dedicated to helping leaders:

·  Accelerate the growth of your businesses;

·  Networking with like-minded individuals; and

·  Learn from the best in the business.

Idea Distillery is:

·  An exclusive community of business executives;

·  An educational and knowledge-building forum;

·  A members-only breakfast club, featuring high-calibre speakers.

Idea Distillery allows members to share their knowledge and experiences with other business leaders in a relaxed and confidential environment.

Our current format includes eight* monthly breakfast sessions per year, from 7:15 a.m. to 9 a.m. at the Brookstreet Hotel or The Marshes in Kanata. Topics of discussion range from: Building the Most Effective Board of Directors to Exceeding Customer Expectations to Preparing an Exit Strategy.

Interested in joining Idea Distillery? Check out our Membership Criteria.

*Events run eight times per year, breaking in December and June through August.




We understand that as a leader of one of the most successful local businesses, the last thing you need is another demand on your time. At Idea Distillery, we believe we’ve created something different – something that you will actually want to be part of!

Idea Distillery is a members-only forum that aims to provide a platform for networking and learning. Membership is limited to executives only, so you’ll be in good company!

To qualify for membership, candidates must:

·  Be a current CEO or President of a local business or an Executive of multinational corporation;

·  Be a former CEO or President of a business that has successfully exited;

·  Run a business with minimum $1 million annual revenue and/or secured minimum $1 million in
   financing; and

·  With rare exceptions (including technology services), run a business that is not a     
   services business.

All applications will be reviewed by our selection committee. Membership will only be granted to those who meet the criteria.

The annual membership costs is $499 per person, which includes eight breakfast meetings per year.




Idea Distillery provides members with the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences with other business leaders in a relaxed and confidential environment. Our current format includes eight breakfast sessions per year, which are kindly sponsored by TEC Canada.


May 23rd - With Michael Weider, CEO of SHOEBOX Inc.

Speakers to date have included:

Joining a growing community of top CEOs, leaders and decision-makers ensures you will never be alone. Instantly add top CEOs and leaders to your network and be inspired and motivated by your peers.

Feedback from attendees:

“I think it’s critical this is not just for tech CEOs. Great to see a diverse group.”

“The speaker was very interesting, I took away a couple of ideas which is helpful. I also reconnected with a couple of people I have not seen in one or two years.”



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